Al Nisr Al Emlaq Group Participates In The Munich IAA Mobility 2023 Exhibition

Al Nisr Al Emlaq Group Participates In The Munich IAA Mobility 2023 Exhibition

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Under the banner of “Future Technology and Civilized Mobility,” the IAA Mobility 2023 exhibition kicked off in Munich, Germany. The event is centered around the concept of “Connected Mobility” and features the participation of the Leith Al-Obaidi Automotive Group in collaboration with Forthing. Mr. Ahmed Al-Obaidi, the CEO of the group in Jordan, and Mr. Ali Al-Obaidi, the CEO of the group in the UAE and Iraq, are representing the collaboration. The Al-Obaidi Group has made a significant impact in advancing the world of automobiles towards sustainable transportation. The exhibition plays a crucial role in intensifying dialogue with key figures in the automotive industry, media, politics, and society from various nationalities and cultures.Sustainable transportation took the lion’s share of the Al-Obaidi Group’s efforts in collaboration with Forthing. They focused on electric and hybrid cars, as well as alternative fuel technologies, by showcasing the latest models that contribute to reducing carbon emissions and improving fuel efficiency. These models feature exquisite designs and unique concepts, from exterior aesthetics to intricate interior details, blending beauty, technology, and practicality.In conclusion, drawing from our experience spanning over fifty years, we affirm that in collaboration with Forthing, we will continue to offer the latest and finest car models to the world of automobiles. The championship on the car stage remains the domain of the Leith Al-Obaidi Automotive Group.

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